Seasonal Digital Marketing Campaign: Tips & Trends

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With changing times, businesses have many opportunities to attract new clients and reconnect with existing ones. Thus, with this time, running your brand with a unique strategy and successful seasonal digital marketing campaigns or plans is a staple.

The impact of a seasonal campaign can make or break a firm. Thus, sit aside to prepare and plan. Ace your campaign strategy with the list in this blog that we have learned along the way.

Why Plan a Seasonal Digital Marketing Campaign?

Well, planning a digital marketing campaign allows you to allocate budget, time, experience, and expertise, and prepare a road map to move ahead. It will help you analyze the material you already have and work on the ones you’ll need.

Once you have done the leg work, you can easily create a successful marketing campaign. Make sure that after planning, you give it a few more thoughts.

Capitalise on a Seasonal Marketing Campaign

Capitalise? But how? We will tell you how.

To stand out in the digital market, you must use visuals. Just be careful not to use too many stock images or vectors altogether. Use simple yet attractive ones that convey your message in the market.

Make the most of your strategy and check some tips and trends that you can work through while planning your next seasonal digital marketing campaign.

1. Create a Website Landing Page Dedicated to the Campaign

Design the page dedicated to the topic and theme decided for the digital marketing campaign. Once you do that, mention a CTA (Call to Action) large enough to catch your audience’s eye.

Create UTMs (Urchin Tracking module) to record the traffic that visits your website. These UTM’s can be different for all social media platforms and the ads you plan to run.

2. Run a Video Campaign in Ads and Also on Your YouTube Channel

Did you know? Videos are 27 times more clickable than the images we put in any source. Thus, plan a strategic seasonal digital marketing campaign script through which you can design a video. 

Upload the video on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Along with a YouTube channel if you have one. Consider user-generated content for the video.

3. Sprinkle the Campaign by Updating Your Social Media

Manage your social media platforms effectively during the Campaign. The Campaign must be reflected in every story and creative you make. 

Be active on social media to respond to your client’s queries and questions.

4. Plan a Hashtag That Backs the Digital Campaign

A dedicated hashtag for your Campaign will play the most crucial role. Major brands like Nike, Addidas, and even Skittle have planned a hashtag for each Campaign. 

This seasonal hashtag for the Campaign will be a hitting stone for remembering your brand.

5. Encourage Customers by Planning an Offer

You can plan a draw and award your existing customers. Or, plan a strategic game or giveaway and allow new customers to participate. This works well for all brands seeking better visibility in the market.

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Tips to Plan Digital Campaign

Increase the bottom line and win new clients quickly. Create a digital marketing campaign with the following tips that are very helpful.

  • Know who your target audience is who you are talking to
  • Reflect your idea in your prominent product
  • Consistently share the message you want to put forward in the market
  • Make sure you have the budget according to the seasonal Campaign, i.e., with offers, sales, discounts
  • Track the performance of your Campaign in the market and approach the audience accordingly for the next season

How to Execute a Seasonal Marketing Campaign?

Be prepared to do everything early. If you plan to run your digital marketing campaign in the summer, start preparing 2-3 months earlier. This will give you enough time to overcome all your drawbacks.

Even schedule the ads, posts, and stories so that you can focus purely on analysis. There are multiple tools online that will help you do so. Once the posts are live, you can see the insightful metrics. Promote the brand before the season starts so people can consider you when the season arrives. Be in their mind.

5 Benefits of Seasonal Marketing Campaign

Seasonal digital marketing campaigns provide various benefits for all new and existing businesses. With increased traffic and footfall on your website, holidays and seasonal days are the best way to appeal to new and existing clients.

It’s the best opportunity to do promotions with a new strategy and continue thriving in the digital market. Here, we have listed some expected benefits you will witness when planning a strategic seasonal digital marketing campaign.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

Your brand existence will be effectively visible with the help of the Campaign that runs across all digital marketing platforms. Draw the attention of new clients and impress the existing ones on special days with strategically running ads.

  • Converting Leads to Increase Client Traffic

Plan a particular budget so traffic can be converted and purchases can be made for your product or services. Prices are low and attractive for the customers, and thus, they tend to buy the desired merchandise or service on special days.

  • Boost Sales of the Product

Special days drive demand when it’s in sale. Thus, your product will be sold at a competitively lower price but by generating demand for the future. Ensure you attract the flock you are targeting with a prepared plan and budget.


Seasonal digital marketing is more accessible and more noteworthy for B2C brands. But, it gets a little trickier for a B2B business marketing campaign. Thus, you must know your brand and its target audience before planning a seasonal campaign.

Be creative and innovative while planning your Campaign for effective leads and footfall. Once done, execute it in ways that work wonders in the running market.

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