A Guide to Business Marketing: Strategies, Campaign & More

Business Marketing

As a business, we are used to marketing our products and services to customers. But, try to turn the tables upside down. What I mean is to try to sell to the smartest stakeholders in the market. Business marketing goes way more trickier than it seems and to create a market base you will need smarter strategies to catch their attention.

So when there is a business to target there is a way to follow. In this guide, you will find everything that need to know on how to target them, pitch them, as well as which points to be taken into note.

Why Invest in Business-to-Business Marketing?

We believe no other audience is as fickle as targeting customers who already have a business. Thus, you have to be on top of the trends and should easily be able to communicate how your product or services help their business.

As long as you are clear and concise your strategy will work as per your plan. Investing in business marketing will help you target your audience by understanding their needs which keeps on changing from time to time.

To convert leads into conversion you need a business marketing agency. This agency will help your firm capture attention digitally, which is one of the trickiest jobs to do. They will draft the right plan to convert the leads with value-driven content.

How is B2B Different From B2C Marketing?

The major difference that we face between a business marketer and a consumer is their mindset. For B2B the target audience is themselves a business whereas in B2C the end buyer is consumers like us.

When a business buys for itself, the most prominent point it looks into is its benefit. They will see how the products or the services help them boost their growth.

Whereas, a customer will try the product and certainly carry forward its decision based on its trial. The following table will help you easily compare how B2B and B2C marketing is different.

business marketing b2b b2c table

Which Marketing Tips are Best for Businesses?

When you are selling to a business, you are not just targeting a single consumer but a whole team. Hence, to win the sales opportunities you will have to plan the right strategy.

To do so, we have listed out a few ground-breaking tips to help you start with. Check the following:

1. Calculate the Total Addressable Market

Narrow down your target market and only target the audience your product & services best suit. This will help you convert leads into conversions easily.

2. Set Your Goals for Business Marketing

Plan the right goal that can benefit you and your target businesses. Track the marketing KPIs and metrics by staying on top of the trends and delegating actionable tasks to your team.

3. Offer What Your Competitors Can’t

Offer those aspects which your competitors lack to provide. You can pinpoint that as your strongest suit and sell the products in the market by pitching for it effectively.

4. Plan Outreach Content for Business Marketing

Drive revenue effectively by taking notes from the above-given points. This will help you achieve the goals you have set forward to target the businesses and smartly swoop into the market.

5. Drive Demand Through Your Content

Create informative content and drive traffic. This will help the businesses you are targeting to understand your product or services far better than just images. Make engaging content to attract their attention as a part of business marketing.

Top 6 Business Marketing Campaigns

To plan a great marketing campaign is hard. And, to plan a business marketing campaign is even harder. One campaign idea that a company draws out does not originally work for every business. 

However, few business marketing campaigns have hit the mark. Check them below.

1. Wrapped for Advertisers by Spotify

Spotify wrapped was a year-long campaign which made a breakthrough after a year. It was one of the most popular campaigns that every household knew about. Spotify made its customer base a successful answer without looking further.

2. Hey World by Upwork

The campaign idea behind “Hey World” was to prove how unconventional tactics can lead to remarkable success. Upwork used household brand names for the business marketing campaign to grab attention. Their main aim was to keep their campaign aligned with concepts.

3. Become a Host by Airbnb

This campaign of Airbnb targets homeowners. They technically are not running a business although the approach allowed them to convert. Airbnb’s appeal was emotionally based and targeted hearts rather than minds.

4. Canva Create by Canva

The campaign was created to target people and make them join Canva as a tool to share their efforts. Million people joined the app and many more are still impacted by the campaign to join Canva.

5. Let’s Make You a Business by Shopify

This campaign makes anyone believe that they can be the owner of their business. The main goal of this campaign was to show the people with a business that they can do better without putting up much effort.


From visually appealing messages to using different marketing channels, you can interested a great business marketing strategies. Initially, we believe you should start by pinpointing your target audience and their needs. This will help you deliver the right message with the right tone in the market.

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